Companies designed for indigos, crystals and star seeds

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Companies designed for indigos, crystals and star seeds

Beitrag von holos » 03.06.2011, 12:18

Hi everbody

joyful to anounce my company is recruiting. I created a new innovative space where indigos, crystals and star seeds can cocreate by activiting and utilizing own individual and collective multidimensional awareness.

It is important for you to know that the job positions are suitable for individuals with traits and skills labeled as: indigos, crystals, star seeds, and individuals in a consciousness shift transition process.
The company culture and business process have been designed to facilitate conditions for your natural development, and will requiere from you multidimensional skills and awareness.
Please read more about our company at the end of this page.

we are not looking for profit but for the cocreation of holistic sustainable way of living, and to develop models of colaboration for a transition process, into a world with no need of money.

the company, network, is an hybrid project you are wlecome to read about here:


please visit our sites for mor einformation or contact me directly

at our network home page you can read also more about what our company does and how.

After years of interacting with standard management companies i have been also designing a new innovative environment dedicated for individuals with multidimensional awareness and those experiencing a shift transition, shift of consicousness and ascencion.

this is my work, dedicated to our community!

it is time for self organization and trigger awakening!

True Light and True Love

Luis Daniel

Elements Management Holistic Sustainability Companies

We are dedicated to the creation of a network of holosustainable organizations, holosustainable businesses, holosustainable communities.

We provide support to holentrepreneuers, spiritual development facilitatores and holosustainable Communities, by the transfer of know how and abilities for the application of elements management know how: Human Heart Based Technology.

"The wood, a collective of trees, is naturally aware, colaborative and express already a sustainable behavior, without need of diploms, politics, religion, science or technology! Lets go back to a natural state of awareness, onness, and
integration with nature, holistic and sustainble principles."
~ LD Maldonado Fonken